The Carillon Presentation

On November 5, 2005, then Archbishop Cardinal Justin Rigali celebrated the Dedication Mass of our new church.   Our two previous locations were on Broad Street in Quakertown.   

The road to get to that November date was a long journey which began when our Pastor, Fr. Frederick J. Riegler began his assignment here in 1998.  Not just a new pastoral assignment but one that included the building of a new church after first finding a location for that church.  Under his guidance and with the efforts of countless individuals that vision of the future became the church of today.  

Fast forward to now……most of us know that you do not like surprises and some of us have had the experience of witnessing that strong opposition in the past.   Like those previous moments, our momentum and love could not be stopped.   Nor can it be stopped now.   

Since the announcement of your retirement, thoughts have been circulating about how to thank you and show our appreciation for your pastoral care.  It was decided to finally finish the church.  Our debt will be paid in the next couple of months and this is the final touch.

You see, when embarking on such a large project, we quickly learned the difference between what we wanted and what we needed.     Some of the “what we wanted” was shelved at the time.  Until now.

We are here to present to you this plaque which states that a carillon system will be installed in our bell tower in your honor.    The depth of our gratitude is immeasurable but we hope that as the bells peal you will think of all those special moments here at St. Isidore’s.   How special for you that your mother was able to be here to see what you and this parish accomplished.

The inscription on the plague states:

With gratitude & love,

the people of St. Isidore’s Parish

dedicate this carillon to

Rev. Frederick J. Riegler

for shepherding God’s people for over two decades.

In the quiet of these acres,

you have lovingly served in the moments of our lives.


“The path is well-marked; the present we are just now exploring.

With Jesus only can we walk forward and make the future our own.  Come…..”   

    -  Father Fred




Church Debt Update: In 2005 the parish borrowed almost three and one half million dollars to build our new church, and signed a thirty year note with the Archdiocese. Two years ago we were able to refinance our loan from the original 4.5% rate down to a 2% rate, but they would only allow a two year time frame, not knowing what the banking rates would be at that time. This spring we were able to negotiate maintaining the 2% rate if we were to make a balloon payment of $125,000. The Finance Committee agreed to use a portion of our long term savings, and lock that 2% rate.
Effective this July, our debt is now down to $448,302.00 and is scheduled to be paid in full by May 31, 2019. With your help, we have cut a thirty year note down in a fourteen year period and we are so grateful for your generosity. We are asking all families to dig a little deeper each week and contribute more to the Church Debt Collection, and maybe we can have it paid off even sooner. Thank you in advance for your support.



Many of the email addresses we have on file are old ones, that are no longer in use. If you have not been receiving any emails from us lately, yours is one of them. Please re-register your email with us by clicking the link below, and we will update our records. If you have received them, you do not need to do anything.Thank you.

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Mass Assignments for the 17th and 18th

5:00 PM Fr. Riegler (Homilist) assisted by Deacon Mitchell

7:00 AM Fr. Pocetto (Homilist) assisted by Deacon o'Donnell

9:00 AM Fr. Pocetto (Homilist) assisted by Deacon Nungesser

11:00 AM Fr. Riegler assisted by Deacon Nungesser (Homilist)

There will be a Spanish Mass on Sunday at 5:00 PM
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St. Isidore Parish, Quakertown

Jean Mancini wins again, and donates it all back to the school!This past month's winner was Jean Mancini again, and as before she donated the winnings back to the school. God Bless you Mrs. Mancini. That is $240.00 going to the school. ... See MoreSee Less

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St. Isidore Parish, Quakertown

A surprise for Father Fred this morning at the 11:00 AM Mass ... See MoreSee Less

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It was announced this morning at the 11:00 AM Mass that in order to celebrate the years of service and guidance that Father Fred Riegler has given our parish, we would install a carillon church bell system. This was originally planned for when the church was built, but exceeded the budget at the time. With the church almost paid for, we wanted to show Father Fred the appreciation he deserves with this project.
This project will cost almost $15,000, and will be done with church donations. If you would like to be a part of this please place your donation in an envelope marked "bells" and place it in the basket with your regular donation. The sooner we have the funds , the sooner we can place the order. Thank you in advance for your donation.
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